The Christmas letter

News from the year. A few years ago, I put letters in our Christmas card for a this-is-what-happened. We haven’t done that in a while, and that includes this year. I didn’t get ink for our printer nor paper for the letter.

So here goes…

This past year was one where a lot of milestones were hit as a family, and we were perhaps our most settled. It’s all going to help as 2018 approaches.

My wife continues to work at a local chain pharmacy, but her expression of faith has grown. She adores more often at our parish’s chapel, and she does more Bible study than before. She is looking more toward helping others, too.

My daughter graduated high school. It was a tough climb all the way through, but she got there. She works some, but she has yet to really reach out and become the woman she is more than capable of being. She continues to date a young man who is still maturing in many ways, too.

My son played a lot of sports – football, baseball and hockey. Hockey so far this winter has been good. His junior varsity football team went 7-2. Baseball contrives to be good work for him, including the vintage variety. He continues to play in the band and he just began driving.

I finished all of the research I set out to do, and now I am working to get those details worked into the stories that I write and edit. It’s important to continue that so my newspaper continues to be the top source for information. I also work to refine those historical notes. I took on managing the Ludington Mariners vintage baseball team. That has been a hard task, but I believe I am laying down a solid foundation. We will see.

Next year, though, will be one of great change. Work, alone, is forcing me to look at changes. They’re not going to be easy personally, but I am doing what I am asked to the best of my ability. It’s all I can do.


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