Finding happiness

Shifting focus. While I had a quick conversation with my wife today, we both agreed on a couple of things.

I told her that all sorts of small things irritate me, frustrate me, anger me. I know I need to let go, not be the walking ball of anger I was in Caro and the more mellow person I was in Chippewa Falls.

She said I’m unhappy. She’s right.

I told her as much, and given my age, I’m not having some mid-life crisis a bit early. Like I said to her, the things I have put a lot of my effort into in my adult life – the heart and soul – I’m transitioning to something else.

To what? That is the big question. I’m passionate about my family. But what else can I throw my passions into?

I know I have examined the evolution I have undergone in terms of being a sports fan. I’m not 12 any more, and I don’t get too upset over losses. I take a very analytical view because of what I do for a living. That isn’t going to work.

I’m writing more here. It allows me to flex myself in a written way.

I have been shooting sports action photos of my son and his teammates, but the countdown clock is on in that regard. I’m looking more at taking photos of peculiar things to me. Visuals around me. I will need it once my youngest graduates.

That leaves graphic design. I perceive my moves in that area will go toward doing things that I am moved by, inspired by.

And if I add on putting more effort into my home, perhaps I can turn things around. It very well could be the myriad of outlets I need to overcome any remaining hang-ups that I have outside of my home.


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