The Challenge, Part VI

Favorite card from the 1950s. I’m cycling back to the 30-Day Basball Card Challenge, or the applicable challenge entries that I write about when I think about it.

I felt like I needed to get more cards from the 1950s, and I really wanted to anyway. It’s been a goal to have at least a card of Topps from each year.

I flipped a bunch of Topps Now cards from 2016 on and turned the profit into cards from years I didn’t have. All I’m missing is 1951 Topps.

Even though I picked up all sorts of years I didn’t have, I went with my Topps 1956 card of Roy Sievers of the Washington Nationals. It was one I believe I picked up as a redemption from Topps a few years ago (which was a tremendous program).

I like the set for its horizontal layout. The headshot has a good solid white stroke around it. The headshot is off to the side with an action shot making up the background. The front is capped by a simple rectangle that includes the player name, and then position and team. Very clean design and simple, too.

The back features the vital personal stats that fans have grown to know. There is a cartoon that covers much of the back, and that’s something that showed for much of the Topps issues of the decade.

The stats for hitting and fielding are shown for the previous year and for the career. The hitting stats are the traditional ones with hits, batting average and extra-base hits. Fielding stats, though, haven’t been shown on cards in a long time. Those stats would be fun to bring back even with all the shifting.

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