Inspiring work

Doing what moves me. In the last day, I have had a discussion with my son on what I enjoy and what I am inspired by, to a point. And I’ve watched a program that really spoke to me on a personal fabric level on Netflix.

In chronological order, the program was first. Netflix has a series named “Abstract: The Art of Design,” and it has episodes on different art forms. Yesterday, I watched a excellent episode on graphic design. It centered on the work of Paula Scher, and she spoke about typography. That is a study of typefaces, their uses and what emotional draw people get from fonts. It was fascinating. But it also spoke to a lot of the beliefs I already have, and likely was influenced by, long before seeing her work.

Last night, my son and I talked about history and geography. What I do as a living, on a very small scale, is chronicling history. I also use history to help give perspective to the stories that I write. And I really have loved poring through maps in my life, from ones the USGS to the state maps. I just really dig the social or political sciences.

And now today, I watched the photography episode of “Abstract: The Art of Design,” with Platon as the subject. His photos, and really they are portraits, are fascinating. I don’t shoot very many portraits, really hardly ever, but it is inspiring.

All of that leads me to this: I feel those creative juices going, but the key for me is to be original in my creations, with maybe some riffing of others. It might be a riff, but it needs to be my own.

As I set about creating some new cards for my son, and really, I only have a few years left, I want to make sure I keep it simple, be bold and most importantly, be mine.

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