1985 Topps Tony Fernandez. Right off the top, let me say that I’ve had to skip a few of those categories in this 30-day Baseball Card Challenge. I don’t recall ever spending more than $10 for a card. The closest I came was $8 (1968 Topps Don Drysdale). I don’t really buy card single cards by themselves, except for the Topps Now cards, so that category didn’t apply, either.

So my Part V is their Day 8: A card that reminds of a family member. Really, the 1985 Topps Tony Fernandez is the card that started me on my way to collecting baseball cards. Just before I started collecting, my mom was dating someone that took a look at my collection in 1990 or so. He spotted the Tony Fernandez, and we checked a price guide. To my surprise, I didn’t know any of my cards were worth anything.

After that, it was collecting for me. But I never really got into the whole buy-a-single-card thing. I was more into the buying packs and discovering the players I got. Discovering the stats and leaders and getting my Detroit Tigers.

It all was sparked by that Tony Fernandez. And it will remind me of my mom, who helped to foster my love for the hobby.

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