American, no doubt

Family research. From time to time, I take an interest in my personal heritage.

That interest was piqued this summer when I was at our Buck Family reunion. At that setting, my aunt said our family could be descended from some of the earliest European settlers in North America. I’m working on some more definitive proof, thanks to some organizations out there for those descendants.

My mom has also looked into my dad’s family. There are all sorts of links to England and some via Canada and definitely Ireland. My surname has roots to Slovakia.

What does it mean? As much as there are many Americans who say they have roots from another nationality, we aren’t. We’re Americans. Once a family comes to our country, their children can fall in love with whatever mix they please.

That mix can be a fellow newcomer with a vastly different nationality than yours or one of the same. They can be fellow immigrants or those who are descendants of the earliest settlers.

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