The Challenge, Part IV

The certified autograph. The Challenge includes a certified autograph of your favorite player.

Uhhhh, yeah. That didn’t quite work for me.

The autographed Tigers cards I own are not certified. However, I was there in person to receive them. So those were disqualified from this post.

So I bring an autographed relic card of Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor from the 2016 Gypsy Queen set.

I am not a Cleveland fan. I like how Lindor has played early in his career. You can admire him and the way he goes about his business.

So why this card? Because of how I acquired it. My wife and I each received a blaster box ordered through When I hit on the Lindor, I was in shock. Extremely unexpected for a blaster box that very well could have come from Walmart.

Thing is, it wasn’t the only autograph I received in that box. I got a Kyle Schwarber autographed card, too.

My wife is usually the one to get the big hits when we get cards together. But this time, I came up with the really big hits.

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