The Challenge, Part III

Card from a set I would like to complete. When I started collecting basbeall cards, I came on in 1990, 1991.

I was struck by the history of the Topps brand, and I ate a bunch of Bazooka Joe to get the 1991 set for the brand’s 40th anniversary.

And I wanted to get the 2001 set, the 50th anniversary. I didn’t buy enough product, but it is a set I would like to build. There are some roadblocks, such as life getting in the way. There are also some wants when it comes to my collection, such as at least one card from each of Topps’ sets.

And I’d like to bulk up the numbers I have of some years. That brings me back to the 2001 set.

Design-wise, it is OK. I do like the green border, a departure from the past decades. That is a standout. Maybe once my kids finally fly the coop, I will be able to do more collecting.

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