The Challenge, Part II

Multi-player card. The second part of the 30-part challenge is a card with more than one player on it. My choice is the 1992 Upper Deck card of Cecil Fielder and Mickey Tettleton (46).

This was around the time I began to collect cards as much as the money I had allowed. My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers. And I watched and listened to my favorite Club religiously in the summer when I visited my mom in Michigan after school let out for me in South Carolina.

Like many young teens – I was 14 when this card was produced – I would replicate the swings of my baseball heroes. Tettleton’s was one of the most unorthodox I have ever seen.

As for the card itself, what sets this posed teammate card apart is its setting. They’re not at the ballpark, but at junk yard with a car about to be crushed.

Yeah, they’re Motown Mashers.

Note: I went through the cards I have set aside in binders, so I didn’t go through every single card I own. My notebooks have Tigers players and Hall of Famers cards that are 10 years old or older (2007 and older).

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