Small accomplishment, big to me. I received a box of 1991 Fleer Ultra baseball cards for Christmas a few years back.

I had bought and earned a complete set of cards before. I bought the Topps Traded set from 1990, and I ate enough Bazooka Joe gum to redeem 50 wrappers for the Topps 1991 set.

I never had enough money to actually pursue a set by opening pack after pack of cards. It took the overproduction of those cards from 25 years ago or so, and significant price drops, for me to get a few cards away.

Fast forward a handful of months later, and my wife, son and me collected the entire set of Detroit Tigers from Topps Now. We did it in a way where we bought five for the price of three. I’ve sold many here where I live, and the remainder went to 

I was able to sell a few, and then buy the cards I needed. I recently received the cards, thus completing a set perhaps the old fashioned way.

Sure, it’s not this year’s cards. I just never really had the financial ability to do that. Maybe one day. For now, it’s great to know that I accomplished what many collectors aim for when they set out to buy cards.

What’s happening? The last time I blogged, I was pretty despondent. In a lot of ways, I still feel that way.

I find myself still struggling with some demons. I still struggle with hurt pride and letting go. I struggle with trust and I struggle with talking even with my wife for fear of getting her worked up and making things worse.

I’m more conscious now of these things, and I think it is helping.

Maybe what hurts is that I truly have no friends. I see it in my son, too. I had hoped with sports and clubs and social media, he would have been different. It isn’t looking that way.

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