In my dreams

The game, revered. I had a dream the other night, and it was about baseball.

I don’t dream as often as I once did. I have sleep apnea, and it is “home remedied.” So having any dream is different for me.

In this dream, I was either giving or receiving a tour of some hallowed ground. It was an old baseball field. It didn’t resemble it.

I don’t recall where this field was. It is hard to remember many details as the dream was a few days ago.

It did get me thinking. I have not dreamed about other sports. Is there that kind of reverence for these games or sports? That has to be, right?

Maybe in soccer. With historic clubs, stadiums and fields, that has to be the case. Some of the historical buildings in hockey have that, too. So it must happen.

Where was I though? I don’t recall any stadium structures. Or overgrowth. It wasn’t in the big city. I don’t recall any place in specific.

For me, baseball has such a rich and storied history. There is so much that happens within and outside of the game, with the people and places it touches. I don’t think I would have something else show up in my dreams.

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