More national journeys

More from the National Newspapers bin. I separated out may of the newspapers I received and bought from various trips from two previous posts ago primarily because I had gotten these on a trip.

Now, I’m going to review what I have before putting them back away. Bear in mind, I have a bin of more national newspapers, but those are more from around the Midwest. I believe that most Midwest newspapers are similar to each other because of shared experiences, including the weather.

A weekend in Canada. A friend, my wife and I went to Montreal and Toronto to check out baseball games with the Expos and Blue Jays over a weekend. We left Michigan’s Thumb on July 12, 2002, caught the Expos on July 13 and the Blue Jays on July 14. Of course I bought newspapers. I picked up The Gazette of Montreal and the Ottawa Citizen from that July 13. I did not buy any French-language newspapers, although, looking back, I should have.

God bless my wife. We honeymooned at Lake Tahoe, my wife and me. But I snapped up all sorts of copies of newspapers. It was October 2001, and the United States began to strike at Afghanistan, in search of Osama bin Laden for destroying the World Trade Center and killing thousands.

The stack includes the Reno Gazette-Journal, The Sacramento Bee, the Tahoe Daily Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Alameda Times-Star, The Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury-News, the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Examiner and the Las Vegas Sun.

I’m glad I kept the Tahoe paper, though. It is a community daily newspaper, just like what I work at. And it can lend some ideas. Also of note: the Alameda Times-Star and The Oakland Tribune are virtually identical. Some of the headlines are different, but many of the stories and the photos are identical. This looks like one of the precursors to what we see in the industry today with universal design desks. This was also before the San Jose Mercury-News and Contra Costa Times were bought up by The Oakland Tribune’s parent company.

A weekend in Philly. My wife had a baby shower to go to in Philadelphia, and I tagged along, to a point. I drove. And I picked up the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, although I grabbed the wrong dated copy. Interesting side: the Sports section, and only the Sports section, is a tabloid. There was also the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

A week in Florida. This trail picks up with the News Sentinel in Knoxville, Tenn. with its July 16, 2004, edition. It is slimmer than the 2000 edition I wrote about before. There also are some design differences, but I won’t go into those as they’re in much different stacks.

My in-laws and my family went to Disney World, but I also wanted to check out some other things, and that included some Florida State League baseball. That written, there is a variety to the broadsheets I picked up. There’s The Gainesville Sun, the St. Petersburg Times, The Villages Daily Sun, Florida Today, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, The Florida Times-Union and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

An interesting note from the Florida Today newspaper: It had a special section on the flight of Apollo 11. I also had copies of The Atlanta Constitution from March 2000 and The Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Learning from the best. I attended a clinic, and I’m thinking a writing clinic is best way to describe it, at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla., about three weeks before the 2001 terror attacks. I picked up the St. Petersburg Times and The Tampa Tribune at the time.

Mom’s trip to the South. My mom visited my aunt in Alabama, and she brought me back The Tennesseean, the Park City Daily News, The Birmingham News and the Mobile Register.

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