A different kind of newspaper

Is it really sensational? Over the course of time, I have picked up a tabloid newspaper from various places.

Many times, when someone from a Midwest place like myself, tabs are something you hear about. Some misconceptions can arise.

One of the first tabloids I picked up was from the Chicago Sun-Times in March 2000. The look is very similar to that of a normal broadsheet. The look helped to break down some of those preconceived notions about tabloids.

A little more than a year later, I was in Forida and picked up a copy of the New York Post. And it touted its same day availability of the Post in Florida. The Post reaffirmed some of the thoughts of a tabloid, in some ways, and in other ways it did not.

The following July, I got a copy of the Toronto Sun. Unlike its American counterparts, the Sun didn’t use its back page as a sports front or a second front page. I picked up a second copy nearly two years later. At the time, double trucks were more prevalent. There were several changes in terms of the lead story.

At a book store, I bought The Mail from the U.K. It seems, based on this from June 2004, it was more about the doubletruck than anything else.

A month later, I picked up a copy of the New York Daily News. And that was more in line with what I thought a tabloid is. The photos seem are cropped and the headlines are there to pull in the readers. On the same trip, I had copy of the New York Post. They’re both from a trip to Florida.

I have two other copies of the Chicago Sun-Times, and they are vastly different from each other and the 2000 edition. One is from March 6, 2005, and the other is from November 23, 2016. Both have back page sports covers, unlike the 2000 edition.

Each edition is more modern. The 2005 edition has a lot of coverage of Illinois men’s basketball as it was unbeaten.

The Sun-Times was widely criticized for not having a staff photographer on hand for the Cubs’ World Series win. A few months later, I picked up this copy. The paper was shorter by nearly two inches. It is more compact with its coverage.

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