Other places, other papers

From sea to sea, and the Great White North. I have a couple of boxes of newspapers that are labled “National Newspapers.” One of the boxes has newspapers that are typically from the Midwest – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Iowa, to a point.

But I’ve been a few other places in my life, and I picked up newspapers there, too. Time to review what I have, and maybe figure out if I should continue to hang onto these copies of the newspaper.

Who knows, if I’m called upon to design a newspaper again, it’ll be fun to come up with the guidelines again for how the newspaper looks and feels. So, looks like I’m not getting rid of anything.

Trip to Canada, July 2005. My wife and I stayed in Windsor, Ontario, when we went to the 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. I picked up the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press when we were there, as well as the Windsor Star. But I also grabbed copies of the Toronto Star and the Glob and Mail. Both editions were from July 11, 2005, the day after an IndyCar race in Toronto.

Day trip into Canada, May, 2004. I picked up the London (Ontario) Free Press when we took a road trip from our home in the Thumb across the border in Sarnia and back across from Windsor. It was a Saturday drive. It had a preview of the Stratford Festival, something my high school would send kids to as a field trip with an English class. Still intrigued by it.

Southwest newspapers, March, 2001. I don’t recall when I received these copies, but I think I got them from my boss. One is a copy of the Los Angeles Times, the one from March 2, 2001. It’s interesting to look through the sports section, to me, as the display is a little different, but the inside have a very solid, clean look. Another newspaper is a copy of the Arizona Republic from March 7, 2001. Like other major metros, it hits the notes right with coverage of the hometown teams plus the leagues. There is the March 2, 2001, copy of the San Diego Union-Tribune. I really liked the look and feel of the sports section. A lot of the principles on display then, are still in play now. The final issue is of the Arizona Daily Sun from March 6, 2001.

The Daily Sun stands out to me because there are just three pages of sports. Some of the layout is similar to what I’ve seen before. The reason it stands out is that what was done there and then can be applied to the newspaper I work for now and before.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 2009. This copy is from when the Major League All-Star Game was in St. Louis, and this copy is dated July 15, 2009. I don’t have a true Sports section, but it’s a pretty solid copy. One thing that kind of bugged me about the Post-Dispatch from this time was the headers were not very large. It seemed to plug the website with the layout on the page over the nameplate.

Washington Two-For. I have a Washington Times from Aug. 26, 2009 and a copy of the Washington Post from Jan. 4, 2004. My first brush with the Times was before I even got into journalism as one of my political science professors had us get its weekly editions. Getting a copy of the Times, though, is just a bit of fun. It’s interesting to see how the two newspapers differ from each other.

South Florida news. A former boss brought back the March 31, 2005, edition of the Miami Herald and the same dated-edition of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The Herald is like many major metros. It’s put together very well and it makes a ton of sense. The same can be said of the Sun-Sentinel. What’s neat is that the Herald had NCAA basketball as it’s lead story and the Sun-Sentinel had a women’s tennis tournament being played in Key Biscayne, Fla.

San Francisco Chronicle. My former boss brought back a couple of copies of the San Francisco Chronicle from Sept. 10 and 12, 2010. What stands out about the Chronicle is the paper. It’s glossy. Both editions are crisp, but there were some photos that just didn’t get processed right, and they come across as dark.

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