The BIG Story

History kept. I started to dig through more of the newspapers I own, and have kept, for many years, again.

My task these last couple of days was looking through the two boxes of newspapers I have picked up outside of my home state of Michigan. One of the boxes has newspapers outside of the Midwest as I have several still from in and around Wisconsin.

When I started digging through one of the boxes, and reached the bottom, I rediscovered some of the major newspapers I kept from Barack Obama’s election. And I saw the newspapers I bought of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and the election and death of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

With the election of Ike, those papers were all the way back into the early 1950s, and they’re from a Hearst newspaper no longer in existence, the Detroit Times. I was looking through those particular newspapers for some ideas for the “insert” card I’m developing for my son for this year. It’ll be a move away from the toy packaging based card I’ve done the past two years and more toward a motif.

As a side, here’s hoping Topps doesn’t come up with this idea themselves. The company’s apps for baseball, football and hockey have done a good job of creating all sorts of different styled sports cards. Their themes are ones I may have thought up, and now I fear of doing something similar so as not to be accused of plaigerism.

Back to the topic. When Sept. 11, 2001 happened, I saved newspapers from all over, including buying the famous edition from the San Francisco Examiner. I have newspapers from the extended U.S. presidential election from 2000 as the nation hung on to hanging chads in Florida.

I told my son that if any of his classes begin to look at those events in history again, I have some newspapers that show how it looked in the “here and now.” It’s one thing to read about it in a textbook, or see it in a documentary that may or may not have a slant toward one side or the other. With him in the 8th grade, those days are becoming fewer and fewer, unless he wants to take a peak for a term paper in college.

It is absolutely stunning, though, to go through those newspapers from large to small, to a point. It’s fun to imagine the evolution of those particular publications, and really society as a whole. Here’s an example: Obviously, the Detroit Times no longer exists. Some of those old copies are of the Pontiac Press. That particular newspaper is now the Oakland Press, which is still near Pontiac, Mich.

Another newspaper, the Royal Oak (Mich.) Daily Tribune also has seen its share of changes since the late 1960s to now. These editions were near the death of RFK. Because my late grandfather was a police officer with the city’s department, I would have liked to seen how they handled the riots in the park in 1970.

What also was fun was to look through the advertisements in the newspapers, too. Sure, I can do that with the newspaper I currently work for in some other areas or by other means, but nothing beats having newsprint on a page and having it fanned out to see. It truly is remarkable.

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