The Hall calls. Each year, when the Baseball Hall of Fame announces each year’s inducting class. When the announcement comes, it sets into motion an annual personal thing to do: find their cards in my collection boxes and add them to my binders.

The rule of thumb is pretty simple: the cards have to be 10 years old or older. And only Hall of Famers and cards of Detroit Tigers are added for baseball. The same rule of thumb applies to the other sports I collected – basketball, football and hockey. However, I have concentrated again on baseball for my collections.

As I have stated before, my collection is modest. I don’t break cases and buy what I can with limited resources. I still am thrilled by opening packs than just buying a set.

Collecting in these past few years is a two-pronged effort: collecting sets I enjoy that are out now and collecting cards from years I gravitated away from collecting. So as I buy, especially sets older than 10 years, I look for Hall of Famers and Tigers.

Back to the here and now. The calendar year flipped, and I’m anxious to look through my entire collection for the new Hall of Famers, this year being announced on Jan. 18. And I am looking forward to going through my 2007 cards I have collected. I am nearing the point where I collected cards again thanks to my son. Although he doesn’t enjoy it like I do, I’m still as hooked as I was back when I was his age.

Holiday surprise. One of the Christmas cards we received this year was from Topps. We bought a lot of Topps NOW cards. Actually, when it came to the regular set, we bought every Detroit Tiger.

It was pretty expensive. So, it was a nice gift to get a Christmas card and a card for the collection.

Reading a story on Beckett’s website about Topps NOW, and trying to figure out the value of my duplicates, I agreed with some of the comments. I was relieved my Tigers didn’t make the playoffs because it would have broken the bank for me.

At first, I wondered if there would ever be a Tiger. Then there were so many of them. I’m glad I didn’t have to keep buying Tigers cards in the playoffs because I was nearing a breaking point. I bought just two from the off-season: Fulmer’s Rookie of the Year and Cabrera’s Silver Slugger. They didn’t do the Gold Glove for Kinsler, or I would have bought that.

As for the Christmas card, it also had a card for the collector to highlight the year as well. It was an unexpected and nice touch by Topps.

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