The big day, just not that one

A big party for a daughter (1 of 3). I don’t know, but I’m guessing a girl’s life has three huge parties: Sweet 16, marriage and high school graduation. The first two are almost exclusively for girls. The last is universal.

My daughter is scheduled to graduate this next May from high school. School, in general, has not been easy for her. She has had her problems, partly because she is slow to understand and partly because she doesn’t want to learn.

But her senior year is here, nonetheless. The senior photos are shot and the prints are being processed. The invitations, the fancy, proper ones, are bought as are the other senior trinkets that are available. The photos are submitted for the yearbook, including a baby picture.

Now, we have to start planning for the big party. My family is a distance away from other family members. The closest relative to us is my dad at roughly a two-hour drive away. That has factored into our decision as to when the party will be.

The school is having the graduation ceremony on the Friday before Memorial Day. Living in a resort town, I truly dislike this, but I’m one person and most of the people here have extended family here. That means the party, for all of our out-of-town guests will be that Saturday.

Although we are at Christmas, I still am planning the party for that holiday weekend. When do we get the less fancier invites? When do we send them out so people can plan this for the holiday weekend before they make plans? What do we serve to eat? Do we really need a tent? And extra chairs and tables?

Those are all questions I am pondering off and on. Plus, there is more. I have already picked out images from through the years and have them set to scroll on our TV. But there are a bunch of images and I plan to put together a display near the TV with more photos.

My daughter has not been a person to stick with one thing or another. Her grades became a big issue when she played basketball, and those grades remained sunk for years until very recently. Many of the activities she has done – sports, Girl Scouts, 4-H, drama, band – she has done for short times. She did them for as long as she was interested or it became too hard in her opinion or she believed people were picking on her so she fled. Can’t change that now, but only state those things as facts and move on.

Much of that will be on display at her party, and that is what I am determining now. If there are more photos for her display that I need to do, I can do that, too.

One thing I have to do is to do a little bit of this at a time so it doesn’t pile up in one major bill.

The best thing about all of this is we can trace this down now and prepare for my son’s graduation – who has more friends and has done more over a longer period of time in the same place than his older sister. And that will be much more expensive.


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