Rooting through the stacks

Cutting down. My tub of sports special sections was starting to overflow. So it is time to cut back.

Part of the reason I am doing this is because I don’t need so many right now. I don’t put out a football section at my current workplace, and my industry has changed so much in the past decade-plus.

But something tells me that at times what is old becomes new, so hanging onto these sections would be wise. 

One of them was sent to me from a friend at the Jacksonville (Fla.) Times-Union that featured Tim Tebow.

I have been keeping a lot of the sections from Michigan newspapers and some from Wisconsin, too. I have long said I loved the Port Huron (Mich.) Times-Herald sections that were most like magazines. 

But I am not keeping it all any longer because a lot of it is similar. The big thing is how to make a lot of the print to fit a melded world of online. I also firmly believe there is a world for clip and save, whether that is in print or an image that can be saved in people’s phones.

Looking through these, it is starting to inspire a bit. Maybe I could do football conference previews in the future. Looking back at old copies of my current newspaper, tabs were being kept on all the league’s schools.

I’m also picking up a few design ideas to piece into future sports cards for my son.

I do have a bunch of sections I put together that I break down at a later time. For now, though, looking at some of the sections I picked up through the years, I see things that I absolutely could put into action.

Part of what I am keeping is two years’ worth of La Crosse (Wis.) Tribunes when it comes to prep football previews. In 2008, the Tribune scrapped its stand alone football preview for a series of stories. So I have that series as well as the 2009 series. It is instructive in terms of transitioning from a stand alone preview to putting those stories in the regular sports page. What was done and what could be done are things that could be analyzed.

More on the sections at another time.

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