A look at Throwback Thursday

Mixed feelings. I bought a six-card Topps  online exclusive dubbed Throwback Thursday.

I waited until a Detroit Tigers player made an appearance, and that occurred when Michael Fulmer was in the six-card set a few weeks back.

The six-card set is based on the 1972 Topps baseball rookies set. This is my first problem I have. Topps already puts out Topps Archives and Topps Heritage. It is here where the baseball designs of the past with current stars are a hit. Yes, these are in a limited print run based on how many orders there are. But this is a bit of replication.

Where Throwback Thursday works is when it uses non-baseball designs with baseball players. The All-American Football design with baseball legends looks great. Even the “Beverly Hills 90210” design with baseball players works. This sort of riffing is good. Considering the library of designs from non-baseball sets, there is a lot of room to rif and not tread on the Archives or Heritage sets.

Each of the sets comes in a small plastic case with some cushioning. I didn’t know exactly what to expect out of these cards, other than I didn’t think I would get a glossy front and back. The Throwback Thursday might have a regular old-fashioned cardboard.

What we got was a card construction not similar to other sets like Heritage or even Gypsy Queen. It looks like a sticker or something else with adhesive is applied to cardboard stock. This is an observation and not a complaint.

While the front of these cards hold the design well, and the information looks great, the back leaves much to be desired. There was a single sentence about the six-card set. And there is a single sentence about the overall set. That could have been done in a smaller font with the addition of why the players in the front are a part of the subset.

Again, these are observations of a single six-card set from the Throwback Thursday. If there are more Tigers in the future, I might get these again just to see if changes were made.

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