Mix Tape II and III

Blame the Duke. Because of where my home is here, a mile from the shores of Lake Michigan and in Michigan, I still can listen to Wisconsin radio stations.

One in particular, a 1990s era country station called the Duke, is going in and out. It brings back a bunch of memories, too.

That’s when I started hitting up my old mix tapes. The same ones where I taped music from the radio station on actual cassettes. And using Scotch tape to allow for recording over ones that didn’t have the tabs.

Jesus, that is old now, isn’t it? Next thing you know, I will talk about Napster’s heyday or Netscape.

It has been fun to go through some of the music on these tapes. I must have been into the country scene but had a toe into the pop charts considering I recorded the dance mix of “Boot Scootin Boogie.”


I went over one tape a while back, and some usual suspects are on them. Confederate Railroad for one. Garth Brooks for another.

I admit, I don’t listen to a lot of country music these days. I actually don’t listen to a lot of current music really.

Part of that is the stations available to me. Classic rock and some country. There are a few easy listening stations, too. No modern hard rock.

From the songs I’ve heard from the country stations, I don’t hear the slide guitar, the fiddle, the harmonica, I heard growing up. The country music feels like the pop music that I wasn’t really into except in the mid to late 1980s.

Could that be why some of these old Johnny Cash tunes I’ve listened to, and have been used in commercials, hit home so hard?

Maybe that Southern rock/outlaw country was what strikes a chord inside me.

What I do know is the music I listen to, and that I like, has movement. It springs something inside you to move. It works itself inside, affecting your body and your soul, both in the positive and the negative. To me, that’s good music.

Listening to the music I recorded as a 7th grader to a freshman in high school – key years where a teenager tries to fit in through an awkward set of years of life – has been interesting.

Something hit me: I have been dwelling a lot on my past lately. For all the issues I had with a home life, it was sports and music that I clung to the most. And just seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of now distant places away from and deep within my past has shown perhaps as much as I have buried those past times, they’re always going to be there in one form or another.


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