What if… I had never moved from South Carolina? I was going through some old newspapers the other day – the same ones that were stacked in my office.

Part of that stack had newspapers from 2004 from the Daily Journal and Daily Messenger of Seneca, S.C. I attended school in Walhalla and Westminster, S.C., in the same county – Oconee – as Seneca. So going back and looking at these newspapers got me thinking about what is going there now in the Golden Corner.

It was seeing the Anderson Independent-Mail in the newspaper machine’s display that I grew to learn and appreciate the fervor for high school football. I believed I knew, but I really had no idea. I only attended one football game my 9th grade year of high school there.

Then my family moved back to Michigan.

From time to time, I wonder if I had never moved. Or how interesting it would be to go back to just see the changes since last I was there. I am not in contact with anyone I knew when I lived there. There’s a couple of reasons for that. First, I was within the boundaries of one high school when my family first moved from Michigan to South Carolina, then we were in a another. Second, we moved during the summer months, and I had no contact with other children during that time for a litany of reasons.

Google Maps, and its Street View, helps with getting a vision of what things are, at least from within the last few years. If Street View isn’t available, I still have the satellite view. Many of streets and stores and places I lived – even several of the houses – still stand and it’s remarkable how things seem now as opposed to what I remember.

A time ago, the paper I looked at through the glass of a vending machine had a sports position available. It would have been tempting, but it also would have meant leaving true changes in seasons. It also would have meant keeping my wife and kids a large distance away from relatives. When we lived in Wisconsin, they yearned to be back closer to “home” in Michigan. Maybe my having moved in all sorts of places through my life, I’m looking from time to time to change things up.

That all definitely changed with a daughter who is completing high school and having the consistency of at least spending her seventh through 12th grade years in a single school district. And with my son in the 8th grade, unless something severe happens, we’re not going anywhere until 2022.

That’s a long time.

Maybe not all chapters of a life get completely closed when you think they are. Or, maybe they just get a peek every now and again.


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