Do they stay or do they go? The third stack of newspapers from my shelves were ones that I picked up and kept.

This stack is much, much smaller than the last one.

This is also a turn for me personally from buying and reading the Detroit Free Press or Detroit News occasionally when I returned to Michigan to actually moving to Michigan from western Wisconsin. This stack will reflect that.

And it will also likely reflect my throwing out some sections because there just might not be much to hang onto from there.

Detroit Free Press

The first edition is from June 27, 2010, so not far off from my last post on these stacks. The “Hot L” isn’t there, though. There is a promo in the banner, and a huge button logo for the Red Wings. It’s a Sunday section, so the “Michigan Six” is in play, and there’s plenty of baseball and other sports in the 14-page section.

A little less than six months later, on December 12, 2010, the big news event was an outdoor hockey game between Michigan and Michigan State. The sports header was also promo heavy. This, too, was a Sunday edition.

I picked had a full copy of the Free Press after I moved back to Michigan from October 3, 2011. There was six pages on the Lions in one section with the classifieds. There were 12 more pages of baseball as the Tigers were in the playoffs. I had another copy from March 2, 2014 that had a column start above the sports banner. Even interrupts it. More flexibility, similar to the News.

A new headline font set seemed to be in place for November 15, 2015. It seems like it was a lot of different weights for a sans serif font.

The Detroit News

My Detroit News sections start on July 13, 2010 with what is traditional for newspapers: left-hand column, a promo with the sports banner. The 10-page section is shared with classifieds, so sports is seven pages. The MLB All-Star Game is in gear, so the vacuum of sports opens the door for MLB.

The very next day, July 14, 2010, the “Hot L” made its way to the News with promos on the right. That means to me that the News had various templates it could work off of, depending upon the story budget available. Variety, in a limited way like this, feels like it works. My stack was out of order, because August 6, 2009, had the same deal as this other edition.

The first edition of The News that picked up after I moved back to Michigan was from October 4, 2011. The Tigers were in the ALDS and there were promos across the bottom plus more Tigers coverage promoted in the sports banner. With the ALCS, covered in the October 8, 2011, editions, the coverage was big-time for the Tigers. The regular sports front was inside a four-page wrap, and the “Hot L” was absolutely there. Then, it was gone again at December 12, 2013.

The sports topper made a slight change by October 22, 2015. Other than that, it is roughly the same. Part of the change, it seems, to get some separation between it and the Free Press with the use of red.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

I returned to Wisconsin, and picked up the Minneapolis Star-Tribune from July 18, 2010. The left-hand side had a mix of stories and promos and there was a promo in the banner. It is a Sunday edition, so there were 12 pages. And it still had a airy, open design. Not jammed at all.

Another Sunday edition, September 26, 2010, was over two sections and 20 pages. The Star-Tribune, in an effort to build value in its print newspaper, had a print exclusive on the Twins that wouldn’t be available for the Internet crowd until much later. Obviously, the web had sunk its teeth and this was a way to help to build the readership base.

More sections, and really from Sundays, include November 21, 2010; November 28, 2010; March 13, 2011; April 24, 2011; June 19, 2011; June 26, 2011; .

I did get a Monday paper, the December 20, 2010. Like I saw in my second stack, a lot of great photo illustrations and this was no different in a 12-page section. It is also a prewrite of my final NFL game I covered as a photographer – Bears at Vikings outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium.

Wisconsin State Journal

The first entry is from November 28, 2010, the day after Wisconsin earned a berth in the Rose Bowl. The section header is smaller, within an inch now, with a small promo for outdoors in it. The 16-page section had a good variety, and a must with Packers coverage. College football, though, ruled the day.

Chicago Tribune

My first copy of the Chicago Tribune was from March 27, 2011. The word “Chicago” was added to the sports banner, and the word “Sports” is also not in the photo. The website and a Facebook page are promoted. Pretty a big box of an image with text on the lower half of the page. It was an 8-page section on a Sunday. Roughly the same thing was there on May 1, 2011, over eight pages. I also had Sunday editions from May 22, 2011; June 12, 2011.

The sports header took a formal turn on June 12, 2011, with promos listed just below that. The design was aired out better in the 8-page section. Saw more of that on June 17, 2011 in a 14-page section.

The Grand Rapids Press

A copy of the December 12, 2013, paper isn’t obviously very old. There was a large promo below the sports banner while the left hand side had promos. Like in my previous post, these are mainstays that have been there in the past from the Press. Six of the 10 pages in the section were on sports. A more recent edition, from August 24, 2014, is much the same.

By this time, many of the MLive/Booth Newspapers organizations looked very similar. More on that in the future.


  • San Francisco Chronicle. I have three copies, fairly close to the other, from Sept. 9, 10 and 13, 2010. My boss at the time brought back copies of “Sporting Green.” The banner 2 out of 3 times was below a story, and the web was promoted. There are several breakout pages. The Thursday and Friday editions had eight pages each. The Monday edition was 12 pages. And there are lines all over the place to separate columns and stories.
  • Daily Herald of Provo, Utah. I have several editions, and it is primarily because I was so struck by what was on the front. Over the course of several editions, a photo of Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery could be constructed. A life-size photo. The inside of the paper is well done, too. This was from January and February 2011, respectively.
  • Lansing State Journal. Edition from August 4, 2013. The sports header had a small promo and button logos were there to cover a game. I did hang onto one odd thing I had not seen: a half page dinky/half page vertical wrap over a sports section. Very different. The sports section got a remake by January 16, 2016. Sports is very bold, the website is promoted, and that was it. It is an 8-page section, two of which are from the USA Today. USA Today pages are something I’ve seen before, for baseball, agate, etc., so this is not a new thing.
  • Grand Haven Tribune. Edition from August 30, 2013. What was instructional was the use of space. There was just two pages. Ditto for September 3, 2013; September 4, 2013; September 5, 2013; September 6, 2013; September 7, 2013.
  • The Herald-Palladium of Benton Harbor. Edition from October 6, 2013. I hung onto this because I found some things I liked, and some things that sort of left me wondering.
  • The Muskegon Chronicle. Edition was November 24, 2013. Left rail was briefs/promos plus promos below the sports banner both for what’s to come, what’s inside and what’s online. It was a 4-page local sports section for a Sunday. Another edition was from August 21, 2014.
  • The Saginaw News. Edition was August 3, 2014. I list it here only because it is similar to the Muskegon Chronicle and Grand Rapids Press in terms of layout and design. More about this at another time.
  • The Morning Sun in Mount Pleasant. Edition was November 26, 2015. There are a handful of stories, and plenty of ads in the four-page section. The web is promoted, along with social media, in the sports header while it is also promoted, to another degree, along the bottom of the page.

As I was going through this stack, some things I did end up going into the recycling. The point of keeping these newspapers was to provide inspiration or even provide some ideas for some of the design stuff. So, this whole deal of moving the stand forced me to go through the editions I may not hang onto for all-time (or my life or even less).

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