Mix tape

Have Mercy on the Working Man. I dug out this mix tape from my cassettes. The days of taping songs off the radio.

This tape in particular had songs I taped from Detroit-area country stations. I listened to country back when Garth Brooks, Brooks &a Dunn and Confederate Railroad were hitting pretty big.

I pulled this tape after I recently got a station from Wisconsin on my truck stereo here in Michigan. That, and it is truly a mix tape. For me and by me.

Listening to Travis Tritt’s song referenced earlier, seems like things haven’t changed much since the early to mid-1990s. I listened to country because there wasn’t anything else growing up. So, I listened to it when I visited with my mom in Michigan during my summers. I didn’t turn back to hard rock until my sophomore year of high school. Blame my extended stays in South Carolina’s Golden Corner.

There is a lot Garth Brooks on this tape. Stuff from his breakthrough LP and his follow-up hit. There are some good Travis Tritt songs, too.

Yes, and that little ditty by a guy named Billy Ray Cyrus. Hey, I’m 24-25 years wiser, allegedly.

The sound of the tape kind of sucks. Then again, it’s an old analog tape of songs off of the radio from 25 years ago. I’m impressed the darn thing still works.

And I’ll buy that, but not that ocean-front property in Arizona.

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