Cabinet maker. I often read Deadspin and iO9, and I saw something that intrigued me: having a video game emulator with ROMs.

I picked up some ROMs previously to play on my PC, but it doesn’t have the same feel as using a video game machine.

I would like to go in reverse. I have a slew of old games for the old NES, the SNES and Sega Genesis. What’s more is I have an original Gameboy. There are games for that and we have some for the Gameboy Advance.

I would love to move away from constantly hitting the reset button on the various systems, from the NES and even to the PlayStation 1 and PS2, and have an all encompassing unit.

Here is what I would like for us to have:

  • A stand up, old school arcade cabinet for some games. Games like Mario, Tetris, X-Men.
  • I’ve always dreamed of having a table top Pac-Man game. Two players sitting across from each other.
  • A side by side sports competition area. Two screens, two emulators, four controllers. It would be for tournaments in Tecmo Bowl, NES Ice Hockey, Blades of Steel and NBA Jam.

I have about 20 NES games, with original RBI Baseball and California Games in those. My brother gave us his SNES and it has about 15 games. I think there are about five Gameboy games. All of these could be ROMs.

There are also about a dozen Sega Genesis games. Risk was one my brother played a lot. That and Jungle Strike.

One of my family’s problems is broken video game tech. We have three Nintendo DSs that are broke. And we have a bunch of games, both Gameboy Advance and DS, that have nothing to run on. It would be great to be have the ability to play those games longer term.

When it comes to the handheld games, I would prefer to see these games up on a screen. It doesn’t have to be on a big TV screen, but on a smaller screen. Don’t want to jack the graphics too bad.

Thankfully, the kids’ 3DSs haven’t been broken because my kids are careless. Hell, if I could get those going, we could have a Littlest Pet Shop throw down as many as those games we have.

This project is one that I can accomplish maybe 10 years down the road, after some other projects are done.

Certainly, there is something old school of having the NES. The graphics, the frustration of not hitting a button just right, the music, the blocky pixels.

What I want to do without is the old school blowing on cartridges and the flashing screen when things don’t load the way you want with 30-year-old technology.

As we continue to progress on the basement at a turtle’s pace, this is another little different thing I may or may not be able to do.

The biggest thing for me is simply being able to use these things we own again. And maybe I will give some of these games, even the ponies, a run.

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