None of the above

Life imitating art. One movie, “Idiocracy,” came up over and over when it came to the presidential campaign this year. Maybe, just maybe, another one could also be on people’s minds.

That move is, “Brewster’s Millions.”

Let’s back up. In “Idiocracy,” the premise is that complete idiots began to out-number rational people because the idiots had babies at a greater rate than the normal people. The idiots, from what I was reading, was being fingered at the supporters of one of the current presidential nominees.

This whole election is being framed, by some, as an outsider against an insider when it comes to Washington and politics. For some into politics, the nominee of the Democrats is completely unpalatable, including by some of those who belong to or vote along those party lines.  The same is true of the Republican nominee.

Many people who are looking to make a choice are taking a harder look at the Green or Libertarian candidates. Overall, the field of candidates is less than impressive.

Enter one of the schemes in Richard Pryor’s movie, “Brewster’s Millions.” As a way to spend all of his money, he decides to get into the mayoral race, but not as a candidate. Instead, he wants people to vote for None of the Above.

Here’s where I settle in personally. I’ve stated before that I lean conservative, perhaps even with some libertarian slants. Considering the positions verbalized by the candidates from the Democrats or the Green Party, neither are ones to consider.

That leaves the Republican and Libertarian candidates. The Republican candidate is someone I simply can’t vote for. I don’t know exactly what he stands for because of the changes of positions from what I’ve heard on the campaign trail. Some of the things are not conservative.

As a side, as many conservative commentators are showing their true colors – simply shills for the party – I have become increasingly irritated. Before I pull a lever or fill a circle, I’m being blamed that if I don’t cow tail and vote the party, it’ll be my fault for what the country may go through. Yet, for years, these same commentators have told the people who listened to stand on the principles. How can you stand for your principles when the candidate for the party doesn’t come close to standing for those same principles?

That leaves the Libertarian candidate. And after reading more and more, and with my own thoughts in terms of his wishes to help boost an industry he was a part of, I have big reservations. Plus, reading from The Rolling Stone and the National Review, not exactly bedfellows, it continues to paint a not-so-rosy picture.

That brings me to Brewster’s scheme. Firstly, when I did a quick search about this on Twitter, I started with Brewster’s in Google and it had two fill-ins: Brewster’s Millions and brewster’s millions none of the above. I’m not the first person to think of this, obviously. It’s being searched for a lot by so many others.

Given all of the venom being spewed by both major candidates, and the list of issues each has that’s longer than Santa’s naughty list, perhaps None of the Above has a chance. It’s just too bad it isn’t being bankrolled by a litany of billionaires who don’t have their fingerprints in one or the other candidates.

Maybe there’s something to this None of the Above.


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