Critiquing Topps Now

Good start. Topps introduced its Topps Now baseball card set before the season began, and I vowed to build a team set for my favorite baseball team, the Detroit Tigers.

My wife and son wanted in, too, so we have taken advantage of buying five cards of our Tigers.

Our initial purchase was a Verlander that came with all the five cards in a single case. We placed each card in a plastic sleeve and then top end loader.

Most of the others, except when there was a Cabrera and an Upton on the same day, came in a soft sleeve inside a little more flimsier top end loader.

The quality of the card is very nice, as well.

What I have long wondered about this set in various degrees. First, a complete set must fetch a premium price. Because each card is $10, and there are roughly 200 already with two months and the playoffs left, that is one expensive set.

Just collecting the Tigers, it has been pricey. I’m hoping to flip the cards, but lining up buyers may be very difficult. eBay might be the destination.

I think flipping on the secondary market could prove a bit problematic, based on the popularity of the player. I also have doubts about packaging the Tigers as a team together. That, though, may have to wait for the conclusion of the season.

Overall, it appears that Topps Now is a financial success enough as it has branched out to MLS and UFC. Panini has its own instant cards, too, it appears.

I am also extremely intrigued by the Throwback Thursday set by Topps. I think the premise is awesome, and using some non-baseball designs involved with it is a great thing.

Because no Tigers have been on the face of the cards, I haven’t ordered any. This was an all baseball set until last week when a basketball design was fitted with characters from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This development makes this set less appealing to me. With the addition of non-sports into the set, it makes the set overall like Allen &  Ginter. That set has too much pop culture and not enough baseball. That is why Gypsy Queen is so good. It is pure baseball.

One thing is certain, I look forward to my email from Topps everyday for any potential new Tigers cards for my collection.


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