Providing opportunities 

Keeping the door open. My wife and I have two children, and we have a general policy when it comes to extracurricular activities: carry Cs and we will give as many opportunities as we can afford.

It affects my son more than my daughter. Because of where we live, rural Michigan, we must travel for some of these opportunities. He’s done a handful of baseball camps and clinics at all sorts of places. It is rooted in his want to play more baseball.

When we moved from Wisconsin, his youth baseball lasted from May into July and was about 16 games or so. Maybe even close to 20. But his appetite to play baseball has been much greater than watching on TV, until recently.

If we had stayed, he would have been in two youth leagues. When we moved here, we started with one rec league team and then went to two for three seasons.

Spurred by a column I wrote, we started travel baseball here. And he still plays recreation ball for more repetition.

His recreation season concluded and he has just one more year left. For a kid that just wants to play, and play a lot, the cutback in games is something he and I are concerned about.

Certainly, at that point, he will be in his high school teams. Maybe his attitude toward playing more games in the summer will change once he plays junior varsity.

At the same time, we are having him go to several camps and clinics. It’s about learning and making connections with other kids who like baseball.

The thing is, it’s about the games. And he likes to play. A lot. Now just to keep having the doors of opportunity open for him.

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