Something I can use

Do it yourself logo. When I initially set out to start making cards of my son, and myself, it became quick to realize that I would need to develop my own logo sets so as not to run afoul of any organizations.

I could do things without a logo. Sure. Many card sets in the past have been done without logos. When my wife, son and I discuss buying baseball cards now, it is with a couple of realizations. With Topps owning the Major League Baseball marks and images to produce cards, Panini has resorted to airbrushing and not using any of the MLB or club marks on their cards. Panini has done a pretty good job with its Donruss brand the past three years.

But, we wanted our own logos. So, into development I went. Some of the logos I use are rejects that weren’t accepted by a group, but it is something I truly enjoyed. That also means the logos I put together are only limited to what my son is doing, and they’ve all shown up on my Flickr feed (at the right).

Let me explain, each, though.

  • The Ludington Baseball Club logo I’m really digging is the one where the bird is on the L. I used a photo of an actual Oriole on a photo, traced out and blacked out what I needed to keep the Oriole there, just hanging out on the L. But with a circle, which to me is traditional baseball, completes the arrangement.
  • I did the script logos, too, because script fonts with the flags are quintessential baseball. It just feels like tradition.
  • The helmet I did for my son is a replication of his youth helmet. I will continue to do that as he grows into middle school and high school, unless the school goes with a unique mark. If it is something that is unique, I can apply the mark I created for his school.
  • That brings me to the school mark. I like the shaded college logos I’ve seen for places such as Miami and Texas Tech, so I integrated that into the L. But, I cut the black lines out and let the background bleed through. I put it on the cross of Furman University, which I really like as a unique background over circles or squares or diamonds or the like. It all works.
  • I created a pair of logos for my Ludington Mariners vintage base ball team, but they’re based on images I’ve seen of the Mariners uniforms from the 1910s.
  • I developed a secondary mark for West Shore Wolves, my son’s hockey team. The association is stringent for its primary logo use. Using the shield that they implemented, I simply went with a WSW for the team with WS in one color and W in another. I may tinker a bit more, but I like it.
  • My son will likely skate for the co-op varsity team in Manistee. So, another different logo. Because the schools involved in the co-op are along U.S. 31 and U.S. 10, I used a federal highway shield, and fed a block M inside. In a bar through the center, I have the word “Manistee” in all caps through it. Exactly in what font will be remained to be seen.

What I go with will likely show up in the Flickr feed. So, look for anything new over there.


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