Getting the most of my TVs

Stalled project. I hoped to have a completely electrified basement last summer, but those plans fell through as our household needed other things, like a new refrigerator (See also here).

I viewed getting the electrical work completed on the basement as a big step forward for our household. I still do. It tends to get very warm in our home in the summers at times. We have central air conditioning, but as we continue to store some things in our basement, I don’t want to overtax the dehumidifier we have down there by running the air. The air goes through our duct works just like heat. We discovered, though, that condensation builds on the ducts. We have not used the air conditioner in conjunction with the dehumidifier yet.

Part of the reason we don’t want to use the air conditioner is the duct work goes over a small closet space in the basement. It is where we plan to put a bank of TVs with our video game headquarters, so to speak. Obviously, we don’t want that stuff getting wet.

The goal, too, is to move one of the two cable boxes from the upstairs to the basement, once it is wired. In doing so, we would then have the ability to watch TV in a cooler place in the summer, and sports likely for me in a more fan-friendly setting.

That’s when I made my personal discovery of Roku. We already subscribe to a cable service, and even Netflix. The TV in the basement would be connected to a Wii, and the cable, but it is still standard definition. As I looked through Roku, and what it offers, they have a box that uses the old audio-video cords. I could, in theory, stream things on demand through the box and onto my TV.

What I really looked forward to was streaming some of the games I’ve been only able to watch via the computer or my phone. That includes my alma mater, Central Michigan, as many of its games are televised on ESPN3.

As I’ve said before, my plans are a bit stalled out. I have some other items that must be taken care of first. The good news is that I have a plan.

Photo from CNet.

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