The warmth of spring

A long, long winter. It’s interesting what a few warms days will bring. The winter months, it seems more and more, send into fits of depression.

The last couple of days, though, it’s been warm and sunny. It’s been nice. The clouds have parted and the snow is melting. It’s melting quickly. Spring training baseball – of which I can watch a ton of because of my split shifts with work – is on with the live games.

That optimism is guarded. Let’s face it, some of the problems that got me down are still there. We don’t have a ton of money, and the bills are piling up again. Medical expenses are our biggest issues. Sure, we have more money because gas prices are lower, but my wife and I have had a lot more expenses because of surgery, and even a coming surgery. It’s a lot less because we have some insurance, but the cost for our medical services is roughly $70, including the co-pay at the office, after we receive the bill.

We have insurance, we just can’t afford to see the doctor.

Then there’s the car repairs. We used some credit to get my wife’s car repaired, and the same for my truck. But once we got our income taxes back, we poured about $600 more into the truck.

That’s where the depression has been. It’s a realization that if I want to continue with plans for our year – providing athletic opportunities to our son and supporting our daughter – then we must sacrifice other things that we want to do. And that something I really wanted to do was to finish the electrical work in our basement.

It’ll take some patience. It will take some work. We’ll get there. The warmth, and the sunshine, has helped to turn the corner on the depression.

Flippin’ cable. I wasn’t going to write about this, but my cable is acting up again.

I use the local cable company that is one of the major companies in our country (which shall remain nameless). I’ve jiggled cords, and unplugged cords, and unplugged the box. I’ve done it all. Our cable company also provides our phone and Internet. The Internet is something that goes out from time to time.

I know it won’t be perfect, and I’m a lot more patient than what others in my house are.

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