Breaking down the mythology

Binge-worthy. When I learned that The X-Files was going to be coming back with a six-episode mini-series that concluded this month, I decided to take in the previous seasons of The X-Files.

I watched the series, on and off, when I was younger. Bear in mind, the series debuted when I was a sophomore in high school. I have a junior daughter in high school. A lot has happened in 23 years. I was intrigued by the continuation of the series, not another remake (yawn).

So, I kept my binge-watching to solely the episodes that dealt with the mythology only. Thanks to Netflix, the ability to watch The X-Files episodes necessary to dig into the mythology was almost a breeze. I say almost because there were still hours and hours of binge-watching to be done.

Because of what I do, I wasn’t able to watch the episodes live, so I was left to on-demand viewing through Charter Spectrum, my cable carrier. I’ve enjoyed the handful of episodes they’ve done, and in a small sample, it has been good to see.

What I also like about the mini-series is that it catches up the viewer on the mythology, but leaves some mystery. And, it’s not all mythology episodes. They’ve been quite entertaining. They’ve been fresh, too.

In watching an interview of John Cleese by Conan O’Brien via a video player, O’Brien hit it on the head – American studios drive a concept to get as much profit as it can while the storytelling and artistry suffers, especially at the end. In watching the tail end of the first run of the X-Files, I could get that sense at times. With this small sample of a revival, the freshness is there.

The one thing the creators hopefully will do is resist a cash-in for a movie project or another run of series. This miniseries format, in a bit of a break between the typical seasons, can be very successful. Then again, the way TV viewing is going, the streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu can take great advantage of it.

I look forward to catching up on The X-Files, as well as Marvel’s Agent Carter, through on-demand, much like I’ve done with Agents of Shield. And there is another revival of a series I am greatly anticipating. That series is Twin Peaks. When a premiere date is given for the new Twin Peaks series on Showtime, two things will happen: more binge-watching and ordering Showtime to see the series.

On a totally unrelated note, how funny would it be for an X-Files/Twin Peaks crossover or referenced materials. Considering the mysticism or whatever that surrounds Laura Palmer, perhaps a folder with her case is just an easter egg in their filing cabinets, but nothing more. In other words, Twin Peaks doesn’t have to do anything with the mythology of The X-Files, but rather it’s a referenced “Monster of the Week” deal. I know it will never happen, given different creators/writers and different studios, too. But the parallels can’t be overlooked.

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