Media guide, under construction

Getting the facts. In all three of my professional stops, I’ve worked on researching essential facts in mostly high school football.

When I worked in Caro, Mich., I was able to research one local high school’s football win-loss record from what seemed to be the start of its program. Really, it was the hometown Caro High School team.

After moving to Wisconsin, I embarked again on another fact-finding mission: to determine the start, as well as the all-time win-loss record, of both Chippewa Falls High School and McDonell Central High School. Roughly a year before making the move back to Michigan, that mission was accomplished. I had hoped to also have those same records for other schools in Chippewa County – Bloomer, Cadott, Stanley-Boyd, New Auburn, Cornell and Lake Holcombe. I was unable to accomplish that mission, however.

That brings me to here to the shores of Lake Michigan in Michigan. I lucked upon old leather notebooks that contained season-by-season records, but that information was through the late 1960s.

And I had both football and basketball. My research for football concluded a while ago. Now, I am in midst of winding down and completing the research for boys basketball and for girls basketball to 1974. Remember, that’s the time period when Title IX was brought into place.

The core research is done. Currently I am getting some double-checking done. That includes going to the microfilm of the newspaper to further confirm dates and scores. And, if necessary, it also means going to yearbooks that are stored in the community.

Once that is completed, that’s where the refinement and the data work really begins. This time next year, it looks like, I should have a home-built media guide. It will have all-time win-loss records against opponents, and it will have team records like most points scored, points per game, etc.

Once these things are done, my research will almost be done. All that will remain is girls basketball prior to Title IX.

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