Go the distance

Complete the set. I like to collect baseball cards. And I had something happen at Christmas that hasn’t happened before: I nearly have a complete set of cards from a box break.

Some background first. Foremost, I like to open packs of cards. I enjoy ripping open a pack and seeing what I get. Did I get the stars? The rookies? Any Detroit Tigers? And depending upon the year, look at those uniforms, teams and card backs.

My very first set of baseball cards was pre-packaged, the 1990 Topps Traded set. Because Topps was celebrating its 40th anniversary in 1991, I wanted a complete set of that year. I didn’t buy pack after pack of cards to complete that set. I went a different route, collecting Bazooka Joe comic strips that came with the gum. I needed something like 40 or 50 of them and send them in for the set. I got it, and now I no longer have it. After a series of moves, I have no idea where it went.

I’ve bought a couple of smaller sets of the year, but I never collected a full set from just opening packs. That nearly happened, or it did, depending on your point of view, when I broke open a box of 1991 Fleer Ultra.

After getting through it all, and figuring out the uncorrected errors, I have a complete set of base cards. Of the 10 inserts that were a part of the set, I have half. So, all I need are five insert cards. All I need to do is head to a local card shop with tons of singles. I’ve looked to even acquiring them at COMC.com, or Check Out My Collection. For a few dollars, I will be able to complete a set, almost all from packs. It’s the first time I’ve been able to do that.

It’s such a great feeling to do that.

DIY. I tried to ask for things I needed and really wanted for Christmas. It fell off the mark, unfortunately. I asked for some baseball cards from my family, and I received a complete set of 2015 Topps baseball, Series 1 & 2. I didn’t hide my disappointment real well, but it was OK. Part of my disappointment, I think, stemmed from having bought some cards for Christmas for my stocking. And those cards were rendered doubles by the set.

I asked for very specific things and it was largely ignored. So, I resolved that for birthdays or Father’s Day or Christmas, and because I do the gift shopping for our family, I would simply get the things I believe we need to make our lives a little better. So the pennants I wanted for the basement, the vintage base ball bat, and just some other things that would get put into use pretty much immediately.

It’ll be do-it-yourself for me that way I can avoid disappointments that are created from others.

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