Too many words

A bloody drip. When I wrote “bloody nose” on my list of things to write about, it was back in December and the air was dry. It was very dry.

For pretty much my entire life, I’ve had to deal with bloody noses. I never knew why. I’ve done some research, and it might have to do with the air being dry. And my not drinking enough water to help compensate for that.

It’s something I’ll have to look into when things get dry again.

Clips. Overwhelming clips. When I first began writing, I put my published stories in a scrapbook. That was way back when I was writing for my college newspaper, Central Michigan LIFE at Central Michigan University.

So, my first story from the spring of 1998 is right there. And so are all of my stories from CM LIFE. That included the times when I was writing anywhere to one to as many as five different stories for the newspaper.

It didn’t take long for me to fill one scrapbook. So I bought two more. And, I began to fill so much more. There was my internship at the Arenac County Independent in Standish, Mich., more work at CM LIFE and then my first full-time job at the Tuscola County Advertiser in Caro, Mich.

Looking through those old scrapbooks, I think I stopped when I began doing sports full-time. I still collected clips, which was what helped to head off to my previous job at The Chippewa Herald and now my current job here at the Daily News.

But opening up those old scrapbooks, it brought back a lot of memories. And I marvel at just how many words I’ve written, really. Just in print, not even mention the several blogs I’ve started and stopped.

Today, just those things that I’ve submitted for awards, or won awards with, are the things I save as a part of the clips files. Beyond the trio of scrapbooks, there are four binders with newspaper clips. But it is fun, once in a while, to check out where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and remind myself that I’m capable of so much more.

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