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Great glory. I don’t think it’s particular to me, but I enjoy watching high school football championship games. And it really doesn’t matter where they are.

My interest in watching, and looking at photos of, high school football championship games has its roots not that far back, really. It’s just as far back as when I started to cover high school sports. I had teams I covered or just a general interest.

It grew greatly when I lived in Wisconsin. In part, it was because when I looked for images to use in our newspaper, images from fellow Lee Newspapers members were there, great shots from Iowa. And, because we were so close to the Twin Cities, the Minnesota finals were right there. I would take some time and head over to the Metrodome to take in a game.

Plus, there was the Wisconsin finals on TV. Because some state associations show their finals free on the Internet, I’ve watched some of those as well.

Even as I sit here with the SEC championship game on, I seem to distract myself and look for more photos from the state title games from all over the country. It’s just fun.

When I do watch the high school finals, and that happened here this year, I look for just big plays can be, what the differences are between the two teams and how the formations are working.

I, too, also like the helmets and uniforms. I critique those as well. Obviously, some are influenced by the professional and college levels. Others just ooze with tradition that you just don’t want to screw up.

I really enjoyed watching this year’s MHSAA finals, especially those Friday games. I didn’t get much of a chance to watch the second days’ games, but the first day was pretty fun.

The high school football season is essentially over now for the country, so we’ll see how things go next season not only for the direct schools I cover or when I watch next year’s championship games.


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