My slice of Star Wars

A new intrigue. The countdown is continuing for the newest installment of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

I’m excited for the new film, and who isn’t. My key interest is more in the story of what’s to come. The setting is a few decades after the end of Return of the Jedi. When the first previews starting showing up, and the speculation continued toward its fevered pitch, I felt like I needed to watch the other movies, all six, again. I was looking for clues, anything that could show back up again in this one.

What remnants from my original three will work their way and impact what’s to come?

I’m encouraged that J.J. Abrams is working with the writer of Empire Strikes Back, Lawrence Kasden. I think this is critical. I know this is George Lucas’ playbox, but Kasden did a good job of molding the sand into something before. Combining Abrams and Kasden could be what makes this movie really good.

As for the way I have been a fan of Star Wars, I watched it when it would come on TV. It didn’t seem to matter what film or channel, I watched. It helped to form the battles that somehow mixed my G.I. Joe figures with my Star Wars figures.

When the special editions were released when I was college, I went to each opening weekend just so I could see each in the theater. I saw Episodes I-III in the theater, too.

I don’t dress up. I don’t have critters shaved and named looking like characters. I bought a bunch of the guys and vehicles when my boy was still crawling around, or even in the NICU. Now he’s 12.

He didn’t really get into Star Wars, which kind of changed how things went as far as watching the series. We’ve tried to explain that Episodes IV-VI were filmed before Episodes I-III, and that perhaps has hurt him as a Star Wars fan.

But the visuals are amazing for the upcoming movie, and especially the dizzying view from the tail end of the Millennium Falcon. I’m looking forward to my showtime of The Force Awakens with my popcorn and Coke ready to go. And I’m anxious to see where the story of the film is going to go considering there are two more episodes yet to come.

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