Must be dreaming

Sleep tight. I believe one of the effects of backing down my Mountain Dew intake from roughly 88 ounces a day to none is that my sleep patterns have changed greatly.

The reason I stepped down my Mountain Dew from that crazy amount was because my teeth were giving me all sorts of hell, which I described previously.

I drank that amount of soft drink to get me to wake up and stay awake during my shifts. I slept very soundly at night, maybe too soundly. I snored a ton. I even consulted with a sleep specialist that said I had sleep apnea and I should come in for more testing. When the testing was going to interfere with work, I cancelled the appointment.

It also didn’t help that my insurance only was paying $2 of the $200+ tab, too.

Then my teeth gave me fits. I dramatically cut the amount of soft drinks I drank to nothing because of it and went to better dental hygiene. I still needed be able to get up and awake each morning. Coffee turned my stomach pretty bad, so that wasn’t an option, either. So I went with 5-Hour Energy.

Now, this is not a crazy endorsement of the stuff. I’m not a spokesman, and they didn’t pay me. I will say, in my case, it has helped me get through my split shifts I work that normally go from 6-11 a.m. and can range from 4-11 p.m. or just 7-11 p.m.

Previously, I was exhausted, and I napped a lot. Especially in the winter. I don’t know what winter brings, but I seem to be hanging in there OK.

And my sleeping has been different. I’ve been dreaming. In the past month or so, since brushing my teeth and that, I have dreamed almost every night. There invariably is a different cast of people who are in my dreams, yet I don’t remember what it was about.

My wife said I have been snoring much less, too. I feel refreshed in the morning.

Like I say, though, I haven’t hit my winter season, when winter sports consume so much of my time and energy and I burn the candle at both ends. So, it remains to be seen how I hold up to using one or two of those shots of 5-Hour Energy.

I will say it seems to have helped me already on my long drives, whether I’ve had to cover cross country and soccer in one day in different places or heading to the state cross country meet.

And I’m dreaming again. Dreaming as much as when I was a kid. I haven’t really dreamed like this in years. It’s a nice switch.

Maybe, for me, I’ve found a much, much less expensive way to handle potential sleep apnea by cutting out the soft drinks and using the little shots of energy to help get me through tired portions of the day.

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