Curiosity about past places

Nomadic life. When you live in several different places, you wonder sometimes what might have been or could have been. Before I continue, I do think back with one caveat: that I am now what I am because of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve encountered.

With that out of the way, I get reminders every now and then of places that I have lived in. I don’t often get to the Thumb area where I used to work in Michigan, but I am reminded of some good times I had whenever I have to edit high school scores. Seeing Clemson atop the Associated Press in football, it only reminds me of when I lived in Oconee County. I see how some schools are going in Wisconsin in football, and it is another reminder.

I grew up in several different towns in my life. I don’t know how things would have been different had I stayed in northern Oakland County as a kid. Nor had we never moved back to Michigan from South Carolina. Would I have still pursued a journalism career? I definitely would not have my wife or my kids. Things very well could have been different had I gone to a difference college than Central Michigan, too.

I’m thankful for what I have, and who I am. I don’t regret what has happened, whether it was under my control for a decision, or not. But I do get curious from time to time, imagining that some of my former classmates looking through old yearbooks see my name and picture are trying to figure out what happened to me. Considering only those who I graduated with have contacted me in the past, not schoolmates from the South or those from elementary school, I doubt I will.

Stadiums. When the Detroit Lions played at Wembley Stadium in London, I again went to do some research. I didn’t realize that this is a new Wembley. But the NFL will play at a very old English stadium soon enough, Twickenham. I’m looking forward to seeing how the field and stadium will be set up.

What is also a bit disappointing is the original Wembley looked very nice, including the pair of towers. It’s too bad the old stadium wasn’t kept and renovated. It is pretty much how I felt about Tiger Stadium in Detroit.


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