Clearing the pad. I make notes of things I want to write about, so let’s take a look see.

Cards, cards, cards. Saw something come across my email from Topps. This is a great idea, especially considering I have a whole lot of doubles. So, this should be a good idea for next year. Just so long as I am able to be home for the kids to pick up the goodies.

The card design workshop. I draw inspiration from all sorts of sources when I design my own kinds of cards. I draw upon previous designs, and Check Out My Collectibles is a great resource to look at different designs and perhaps incorporate something into what I’m doing. Here’s an example.

I’m working on a throwback or retro-type card that is similar in design to what has been dubbed Parkhurst and O-Pee-Chee. I’m going for a 2007-2011 era throwback type card because my son is donning the old uniforms for his hockey team until they get their new jerseys in a few week. I have moved design elements and fonts that are for personal use or something that is free for commercial use. But the designs, which are a part of my Flickr that you can see elsewhere here, are the ones that are printed. So, that is through the 2014 football season. I have the 2014-15 hockey season’s design, the 2015 baseball, 2015 vintage baseball (similar to a tobacco card), a special 2015 baseball design based off of a toy package, the 2015 football and eventually the throwback hockey card.

I mention the tobacco cards and another place I draw inspiration, and thanks to a community member, I get second-hand catalogs from Robert Edward Auctions. The photos of cards and other older memorabilia is simply amazing and it serves to aid me in getting my designs close to period.

And one thing I think I might integrate into a design is the corner part to some of the comic books I’ve been looking at earlier this week. The DC books from the 1990s had a horizontal bar that dropped down from the top left with a large circle logo. Maybe it’s something I can add in for next baseball season, which has not been designed yet.

A note from research. I’ve been continuing to do research for work, and I stumbled across a three-line story in a 1924 edition of my newspaper about the U.S. Hockey league with teams in Cleveland, Minneapolis and Duluth, Minn.. It turned out to be the United States Amateur Hockey Association reference. Now, whenever I am intrigued by something I see while doing research, but isn’t relevant at all to the research that I am doing, I immediately do a search on the Internet. So here’s some more on the USAHA from Vintage Minnesota Hockey. And that’s a site I’ll probably dig into at a later date. It looks pretty cool.

Hello, comics. I have a flier from sometime in the 1990s from Mile High Comics, which still exists. I made out a list of comics I wanted to get that were 50 cents each at the time. The good news is that the company still has some cheap books at $1 each. One of the nice things is that I have a shop I can go to in Muskegon, actually two because it’s in two shops in the mall, where I can get cheap comics, if I so chose. What I may end up doing is getting a bunch of comics for my daughter, who is a comic nerd, anyway.

I also couldn’t help but wonder about the flashy Entertainment This Month ads I kept seeing in my teenage years. That company didn’t make it, and I haven’t been able to determine what happened.

See, more curiousity that I just feel compelled to look into.

No vacations, and little improvement. Because of the way I grew up, having little to no opportunities to be invovled in activities after school, I try to give my kids every opportunity they can do, within the reason of, “Can I afford it?”

So, now that we have some medical bills that must be taken care of because of a second year of a late-year surgery, some of the things we’d like to do, like improve our basement to where we can have a big TV down there and a real nice recreation area, or even go on a vacation, we just can’t do it.

The biggest reason is I want to give my daughter opportunities for her drama club type things she is starting to show promise in. And with my son in band, baseball, football, hockey and who know’s what else is coming along with that. We can have vacations and home improvements when the kids are out of high school.

What that also means is the basement project, our continuous project where electrical, then furniture, then all sorts of fun like video games can be added. And maybe I will actually take all of my beer bottle caps and make them into a table or bar top.

A return to Get Glue? I really liked Get Glue, the TV and movie check-in app, that my wife and I used a few years ago. I would check in and watch sports and other things. And you’d get stickers for checking in. The stickers of comic book or cartoon based things are all over my comic book box. The sports stickers are in addition to the stickers you used to get from Fleer in the 1990s and hologram stickers from Upper Deck in the same time period.

It’s looking like Get Glue is going to make a comeback, and hopefully I will be able to help beta test the resurrection of Get Glue. It is just something I truly enjoyed and hope to do so again.

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