Oh, that’s what that is.

Sorting through things. I was carrying a folder marked “Web site” with me the last few days, but neglected to actually look through it. That is, until recently.

Inside, it was the preliminary plans for my own website. And that was 10 years ago. There are printouts for website hosting from a couple of different places. There is a printout from a friend’s website that was dubbed Buckland Media.com. There was a sales media kit from another friend that continues to run a high school sports site in mid-Michigan.

The site would be a part of a magazine, so there would have been a print element to this. I had feature heads figured out, too.

I obviously didn’t have the capital, nor the willpower, to get something like that going. It is fun to look back at these musings and know that while grand plans can be made, what is brought to fruition is a fraction of what I can or could, maybe should do.

Another failure to launch. I’ve deveoped a handful of sports cards that are simply for personal use only. I’ve been encouraged to develop it eventually into my own business, and I’ve taken some care in the recent designs to use fonts and other items that are free for commercial use. But just like the magazine, it’ll never come to that. I don’t have the money, the capital, to make it happen.

I’ve reserved a website, too, on Wix, and it’s already developed. It’s already set to go live, and has been for for the past couple of years. However, it isn’t live. It’s unpublished only because I can’t really protect my design work or anything from any vultures who are seeking to take from me.

The printed cards are already on my Flickr account. I’ve got a slew more ready to be printed next year from the 2014-15 hockey season, the 2015 baseball seasons and the 2015 football seasons. I might even get the retro hockey card printed, too.

More on the designs, and inspirations, at another time.

Am I hopeful to launch my designs and art into a business? It’d be kind of fun. But I doubt I’d make actual money doing it, so if there isn’t profit for me, why not just keep it as a hobby for me and my enjoyment?

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