Good dental hygiene. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some problems with my teeth. Either an abscess tooth or a cavity, or both. Last year, when we were going through our medical/dental/vision insurance stuff, we elected to remove me from both vision and dental coverage because A) it’s not required, as far as I know, by law; and B) why spend money on something that I haven’t used previously. I grew up with an aversion to the dentist, and admittedly, I haven’t taken the best care of myself. Big whoop.

But after the recent incidences of pain shooting through my mouth and head, I’ve relented and now I’m a good little boy – brushing my teeth at least once a day, and often times twice, and doing something I haven’t done since elementary school. That would be swishing.

Now, that’s the only thing I know it is. Swishing in these parts are basically using mouthwash.

I was introduced to swishing when my family moved to South Carolina before my fourth grade year. Once a week, a cart would come by and all the kids that elected to do so via their parents got their little plastic cups with their mouthwash. Or swish. And they’d all swish at the same time.

If I recall correctly, I swished for something like a semester or a year. I can’t say why or when it stopped. Maybe it was when we all were on our way to middle school.

Fast forward to the here and now, and I had been on a steady diet of 44 oz. of Mtn Dew once but more twice a day. A lot of it has to do with my sleep, or lack thereof. I’ve exchanged the Dew for 5-hour Energy, and that’s working thus far. I am taking plenty of Tylenol, Ibuprofin or whatever to kill the pain when it does rise up.

But every time I fill the cap of our Listerine bottle, I can’t help thinking about what I was taught it was called in the South, swishing.

The links between. I’m not one of those over-the-top comic fans and I don’t cosplay, but I enjoy the goings on of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the next guy, I’m guessing. No, I don’t have all of the movies on DVD or the shows or the short films or whatever else.

But I have enjoyed the TV series a lot, from Agents of Shield to what’s on Netflix. I’ve had to educate myself on some of the characters (OK, a lot) like this Jessica Jones character. But the research has turned to anticipation to what the stories will be told. I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube to help explain the back story on Jessica Jones, just so I have some sort of handle on the character.

But all in all, my education comes in the aftermath of the episodes that I do watch. I find myself wanting to learn more. Has it driven me back into the comic book shop looking for the books on which these characters are based? Some. I haven’t bought anything, except for my crazed daughter.

Hey, I’m not made of money.

To Instagram or not? It’s something I’m considering only because so many other users are on there and it helps to broaden a reach for me. What exactly I will post up there I don’t know. I like having Flickr as a depository for my design work. Pinterest is OK, but it’s kind of there for ideas more than anything else. I don’t take a ton of photos with my phone, so Instagram might just be a photo of the day type thing for me. I don’t know yet. If it is something I start, I don’t want it to lag.

Kind of like this spot has been for… since the start.


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