Let’s give it a whirl

A different way to collect. Growing up, there were perhaps just two sports that I enjoyed paying attention to the most. The first was baseball, the other basketball.

I’ve discussed sports card collecting several times, the last time a little more than a year ago. To update some things, I ordered a bunch of cards from the Rookies app on the iPhone, which I really enjoyed and so did my wife and son. I created so many cards that I had to put myself on a budget of doing just 20 a year so that way I don’t have a card for every little thing.

The cards I developed for 2015, from hockey to baseball to basketball, they looked real sharp. I changed things last year because my son didn’t like the G.I. Joe motif I was shooting for with last year’s cards. So, I nixed the production and went with something simpler.

For Christmas last year, I was the master behind the gift-giving (and buying) and I got pretty much what I wanted (shocker!). That was baseball cards. Lots and lots of baseball cards. Five different boxes.

My wife and I both enjoy baseball, so I ordered up a Collector Crate for baseball cards to see what it has. I’ve seen some crate breaks on YouTube, and it looked intriguing.

I’m probably a very different collector. I don’t collect to build sets and I don’t collect to chase bats, or jerseys, or patches. I sometimes chase rookies. For me, it’s all about opening a pack of cards that I believe have a great look. I’m trying to collect at least a handful of cards of each year that Topps has produced a base set. Beyond that, if the design work and the photos are amazing enough, I’ll keep buying the product, if I can afford it.

And the Collector Crate, and I went with the bronze edition. It seemed like, after watching a March break especially, fits my likes. I’m looking forward to seeing what I get.

Hopefully, there’s something in there that not only adds to my collection, it’ll be something that can augment the sports basement that we continue to work on.


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