Staying down

Some mistakes you pay for a long time. In a previous post, I discussed going the homework necessary to get things squared away. What spurred that on was a mistake I made in some health insurance items that I thought I had figured out one way and it proved to be the opposite.

What’s the end result? Instead of paying $100 for something a month, I’ll be paying $200 a month. That’s a serious hit to family that is supposed to be in the middle class.

What effects did it have on the household?

I’ve been trying like crazy to get a new camera. My old camera, a Canon 20D, kept clicking off frames but not really taking a shot. It essentially is broke and it needs replacing. With some reading, I found that the camera usually lasts 50,000 clicks. I’m sure it had more than 100,000.

With some homework (before I learned a lesson), I found a program where I can get a refurbished camera body for a reduced rate. The problem with that right now? The camera body that I can afford, the one that costs the least, is out of stock.

I write all of that to get to this: I was getting impatient and was looking to take even more savings to pay for a more expensive camera body. But, instead, I’m going to be patient and await the camera body I want, even if it means not having my own camera for my son’s early season baseball games.

Another impact? I really wanted to to go the MLB All-Star FanFest last year in Minnesota. I had to make budget cuts because of bills and so our our vacation back to Wisconsin and Minnesota was cut out. This year’s FanFest is in Cincinnati, making it fairly easy to get to from northwestern Michigan. But, that trip, too, is being eliminated.

I’m also in the midst of trying to get our basement together. That includes finishing the wiring and building an entertainment center for the tons of video game systems we have. It appears this project will need to be slowed to a trickle because of a lack of funds. Is that exactly automatic? No.

I’m concerned I may have to hire an electrician to wire the basement from the circuit breaker. I feel confident in my very limited skills in terms of doing receptacles or switches, but I would want someone who knows their stuff to wire something into an actual circuit breaker. I still have much to do with the basement. The problem is the wiring and the lumber and items needed to make a customized entertainment center.

And in general, we thought we had it figured out to where we wouldn’t struggle to do things, to have fun. Rather, we will struggle again, making cuts to gifts and giving, making cuts to travel and how we travel. And the struggles will run all the way through this calendar year.

It’s also taken a toll on my psyche. It sent me into a depression, to a point. It isn’t helping that I’m also just looking at reducing some of the things we do have that will be on display in the basement.

It is depressing that some of the plans I had, carefully researched and thought through, won’t come to fruition, again. Despite my best efforts, one major screw up has sent down a whole slew of dominoes.

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