Rain delay

When it rains, it pours. Although I wanted to update this, I had zero time to do so. Here’s why:

A) I was finally able to distill what it was I needed to research for work. The first phase, football win-loss records all- time, is essentially complete. All that is left is researching 1939 for Scottville High School and I should be good unless someone presents evidence to me of other results and games. Already, it is more in-depth than what I had before. That is big. The next step will be basketball. My goal is to be completed by Nov. 1 and I feel as though I am in a good spot for it.

B) Kid issues and activities continue to chew into my time and attention. One child, my oldest, had to do summer school and I am hoping she finally understands that when she makes the grade, we will get her rolling with activities. But she needs to get her grades up. And there will not be a free pass to activities until the grades are up. The other child is pushing hard with sports, three baseball teams, hockey camps and clinics and now youth football. He seemingly doesn’t understand just how good he has it.

C) Group issues. I am involved, as I said before, in a variety of organizations and groups. Already discussed baseball and the local sports Hall of Fame, and there’s hockey, plus the vintage base ball outfit I play with. Each is dealing with issues, either internal or external. And in some cases, I am being pleaded to do more and be more for those groups. Almost all the time, I feel as though I let people down when I say, “no.”


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