Mile High surprise

Interesting find. I was going through some old copies of Wizard magazine, an old comic book price guide and I found a mailer from Mile High Comics.

I had a list of comics I wanted to get, 50 cents each, I wanted to get from the listing that expired in December of 1996. By the time I received it, I was pretty much completely out of sports card collecting and still into comics to a degree.

I never did order from the mailing. It did, though, raise my curiosity.

First, there were always ads by another comic book reseller based out of Virginia. It was named American Entertainment, but I can’t seem to find its online equivalent. It appears to have gone out of business. I can’t seem to find a trace of it.

Mile High Comics has survived the great comic book downturn that occurred (similar to what happened in sports cards). I plan to check them out soon. It’ll be something to do with or for my daughter, who likes to read comics.

And maybe I can finally get some of those back issues I’ve been missing.

Note: I wrote this in February and I am very late in getting this together

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