This a test

Leaps and bounds. Sometimes it takes my wife to push me to do something. I hem and I haw and I debate with myself back and forth on something. I don’t know why I do that, but I do, and it’s led to my next great adventure.

Or at least my next great flavor of the next few months to a year.

I’ve decided to start my own website because I’m proposing to one of the nonprofit boards I’m with to leave its current website host for one that we manage one on our own. In the spirit of exploration, as well as making a knowledgable recommendation, I struck out on my own to build yet another of my own websites.

Like I’ve cited recently, I’ve had a long on again, off again relationship with websites and web building, and this task is something that I don’t take lightly. At the same time, I’m doing something completely different this time around.

The two previous instances had to do with stuff I was a fan of or stuff about me. This third time will center around the sports cards of which I have been designing.

The site, as of now, is unpublished, and I’m using Wix this time for it. Remember, GeoCities died long ago, and I believe the Yahoo! obsorbed site is also a non-issue. There is no more Fortune City, at least an account that I could find for myself.

The real question I had before I set out with Wix, was whether it was worth it. I do have this WordPress blog and WordPress does have it’s own website hosting. I could have easily flipped this blog into a sports card enterprise. But, I kept seeing the advertisements for Wix and decided to give it a shot after reaching out to people on Facebook about its use.

And with some encouraging words, Wix it is.

So far, so good, as far as using Wix. Initially, one thing I wish it would allow for is switching from one template to another without completely losing any changes you may have saved previously. I started on one template, felt as though it didn’t quite fit what I was aiming for, and went in a different direction.

The text for the site almost ready. The images are what really need to be dealt with. I should have the project up and running by the end of the week, accounting for research and fine tuning.
The trick will be resetting some of the cards I’ve done to reflect other people’s names rather than say my son’s or other people’s. It’s important that I protect some minors’ identities.

I will reveal some things about the site now as it is still being developed and unpublished (as of now). One, I plan to have some looks at what inspires my sports cards. I think it’s important for people to understand how I cam to an idea. Two, I plan to link to other sports card makers beyond the ones I’ve used. Although I’m not selling my designs, yet, nor am I making other people’s cards, yet, if someone where to trip up the site and want to do the same thing, they’ll have some of the tools to do it.

The whole set up of the website is a launching point for maybe something bigger. Really, when it comes this website it can be one of two things:

Either the third time is the charm or it’s three strikes and you’re out.

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