And now, some actual rambling thoughts

Let the fight begin (A). I looked through some of the old posts, considering I haven’t been blogging in forever. Ramble: Maybe I should call this “The Very Occasional Rambling Thoughts of a Small Town Sports Editor.” Or “Crap” for short. Back to the Fight, Part A. I’m lucky enough to be a part of various groups around town at various degrees. I’m either a member or a parent or a player. In Part A, I actually get to affect some change and still get to dance the dance of not offending either party. Really, the key here is that a longstanding relationship is changing from what it was to ??? Who knows? What is interesting about this navigation is that it’s more of a “where do we go from here” instead of any kind of reconciliation happening. As vague as that it is, that’s all I can really say (have to be care of big brother! He’s lurking!)

Let the fight begin (B). For part B, I’m an active participant. I’m a participant in that the rift that is occurring is one that I’m only affected by the actions of those above me. I believe in a chain of command, and following that chain of command. The person who was above me decided to stop participating, so currently, I’m trying to figure out who’s my boss. And it’s not who’s my boss, but do I have this activity to continue to enjoy because there aren’t enough people to carry it forward? That’s probably the biggest question out there. And one I hope to find out.

Let the fight begin (C). This is where I’m the parent, and again navigating rough waters. (A life preserver seems to be in order. I’m taking on a lot of water here!) My son wrapped up his first full season of hockey. He loved certain parts of it. He despised others. He hated it so much that he wants to skate for a whole other association miles down the road. I keep telling him that it won’t necessarily be better. And things stay in flux here that we just may stay with this association. That’s to be determined. One thing is certain, it’s been more drama that I don’t care for.

Let the fight continue. And back to my ever-present, not-so-fun workplace. Yeah, it’s still not a bowl full of cherries. It is to a point where it’s hard for me to argue anything any longer. Try to be nice? Doesn’t work. Try to be a little more forceful? Doesn’t work. So, it’s back to where I started: sit in my corner, do my job and shut the hell up. I’m not going to be playing any games. I left Caro because of the games. And it appears I’m right back where I started. Which is why I have been doing…

Sports cards. I had my son’s baseball cards printed a ways back, same with my vintage card. They’re printed at Work & Play Trading Card Co., and I can’t recommend their work enough. They work with you to make sure, if you’re doing everything custom as I am, that the end product will look crisp, the cut will be clean and everything will look sharp. I’ve had four different designs done now through them. Each has been wonderful.

This is the card back from the same card. I used the game day to go with his other information for my son.
One of the cards put together with the Rookies iPhone app. This is the card front.

I also ordered cards from an iPhone app called Rookie. I decided to order a pack, a wax pack, of cards through them of various photos that just didn’t make the cut for the card I designed. And, unlike the cards I design, no stats. But I’ve included an example here of the Rookie phone app cards.

I was impressed with the print quality, and it was about what I expected. It seemed the cards came out a little dark, but having not ordered before from them, I know what to look for. I showed my wife some of them and she wanted a set, too. That surprised me as she wasn’t really into the cards when I showed them on the phone. I received a card of my daughter, too, and she wants some. My son only wanted a few, but it was nice to see. So, we have that to begin ordering.

Rookie updated its app recently for horizontal fronts and some different backs (thanks!). It helped to inspire me to take my designs to the next level and beyond. My son’s cards for the summer – he’ll be on three different baseball teams – will be united through a G.I. Joe theme. I can’t wait to get those cards done.

Projects, projects, projects. If anything all of the turmoil plus the arrival of spring has induced some new energy into me. I designed a three-stall locker for the basement. I figured out what will be displayed where in the basement. I’ve begun to work on cleaning up after the winter in some spots. Finding photos for framing, and looking forward to buying frames for some photos. Navigating a sea of bills. Dreaming about vacations that we won’t take.

I’ve halted progress on a research project/book because someone else I know is getting the job done. It would have been a baseball book, and I received an invitation to SABR out of it. I don’t know if I’ll try to tackle a book project again. Maybe joining that group will spur something else on. Considering that this blog is just someone turning on a spigot and whatever pours out, pours out, I don’t imagine I’ll have anyone knocking on my door to do a book, or much else for that matter.

Really, I’m trying to simply complete some collections, keep others going, and stay on top of day-to-day crap that comes up.

And I should do as I say: Trust the Lord that He’ll guide me through.

Maybe I’ll turn some of my stir-crazy thoughts into reading. I don’t read much anymore. Maybe that’s another stir crazy project I need to pick up, too.

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