Taking medicine

It can be difficult to take and put things in perspective, especially when it seems nothing is going right.
That roughly is the issue right at this time. I’ve screwed up, at least that is what I am being told, at work and even at home.
The root of my problems is that there is not a single thing that I can do that is an escape. It seems no matter where and what I do, I’m adversely affecting others. That isn’t the intent, but it is happening.
I don’t own an escape that allows for me to collect myself, have some form of enjoyment and not hurt others, mainly mentally or psychologically.
Instead, I go from work to home and back again, with work permeating everything I do.
It has been hard.
The only time that I do have is maybe those instances such as now that I wait for a practice to conclude. But I’m still trapped waiting with only my phone, if it keeps it’s charge.
Oh well. Just have to take my medicine, all the negativity and forget about it.

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