The therapy of “Office Space”

There was a time when I watched the film “Office Space” every day.

At the time, I was miserable at my job. I didn’t care for the people I worked for, at least the ones that signed the checks, nor some of the colleagues I had in the building.

Bear in mind that because I work in the newspaper business, I have other masters: the reader. I have long felt that if there ever was a conflict between what I believed the reader demands and what my bosses demand, the readers win.

This week, as I continued to wrap Christmas presents for my family, I put the film in the old VCR as a needed therapy. This time, it was because of some of the personalities I deal with, and one in particular.

When I got to the scene where Smegowski is having his cook-out and he talks with Peter, his insight into everyone hating their job shined through.

I realized when we moved back to Michigan there would be good things to happen and bad. Utopia doesn’t exist unless it is a place on a map.

So I knew there would be good things about my job and bad things. Dealing with one particular person in the office is pushed into the bad column. Being able to still design pages as a part of my job is good. Sometimes the good outweighs the bad. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good.

Hopefully, what I suspect will come to fruition with promotions in the future and the fallout won’t make it nearly all bad.

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