Looking at old wrestling tapes

I hooked up one of our old VCRs a couple of weeks ago and began going through some blank tapes I have.

On those tapes were some old wrestling shows I taped, so I decided to check them out. On one tape was two episodes of WCW Monday Nitro and the very first WWF Sunday Night Heat. On another was an episode of WWF Raw is War. Watching these brought me to a couple of conclusions.

The first was regarding WCW. The episodes I taped were the of the return of the Warrior and an episode before then. What bugged me was all the talking. The return of the Warrior segment itself was excruciatingly long. I imagine that was one of the chief reasons why I was gravitating toward Raw. Nitro was just slow with poor transitions.

Watching the episode of Heat, the transitions from interview to matches was very quick. The segment were quick, the stories moved and advanced well. The WWF worked.

The episode of Raw was after the purchase of WCW and nWo put a beating on Austin to open the program. The problem I had with this particular episode was that some of the segments were slow and dull.

Watching Raw on this past Monday, some of the segments just don’t make much sense. Oh, well. Hopefully the WWE or even TNA gets it together. It needs to be compelling and it needs to move a story ahead.

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